3M H-700 Hard Hat with Pinlock Suspension

3M H-700 Hard Hat with Pinlock Suspension

The 3M H-700 Series Hard hats are a lightweight, tough, and cost effective hard hats that are perfect for a variety of industries. Each hard hat features an adjustable pinlock suspension with improved upward visibility. The shell of the hard hat is made of high quality HDPE material.

Recommended Applications: Assembly, Cleaning, Construction, Demolition, Electrical, Facility Maintenance, Forestry, Grinding, Heavy and Light Industry, Machine Operations, Mining, Oil & Gas, Painting, Remediation, Road Construction, Sanding, and Welding.

Dielectric: Class C, G, and E

Standards/Approvals: ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Type 1

Weight: 12.7 Ounce

*Please Note: Hard Hats do not qualify for Free Shipping.